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  • Mike J. Walker

Episode 55: Innovation in Retail - Part 1

One thing we’ve learned from this pandemic , nothing is certain and big changes await ahead. With each of these challenges there is an innovation that is waiting to solve it. The retail industry is no different. Mike J. Walker speaks to Brian Peterson, Global Retail Innovation Advisor for Microsoft about this. Listen in to hear how Brian see’s data and digital ecosystems changing the landscape of retail.

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About Brian Peterson

Over the past decade, there have been many innovation “fads” that have taken over the hearts, imaginations and budgets of corporate innovation teams and startups alike.

Whether these fads be popularized innovation process trends such as those written about by Eric Ries in the Lean Start Up, or innovation management philosophies such as Deloitte’s Ambition Matrix or McKinsey’s Three Horizon Model, or whether it is the ongoing and often mis-understood promise of open innovation challenges and hackathon’s (which, more often than not, reflect good innovation theatre rather than supporting solid value creation initiatives. Data sharing and insights derived from aggregated data from an ecosystem of organizations is truly where new value will be created in the future.

Brian Peterson, is a Global Digital Advisor (and career innovation strategist) who believes that the new frontier of innovation work will be based on an organization’s ability to share data with other businesses and derive insights that lead to solving problems that truly matter…even when the organizations in questions do not inherently trust one another.

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