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  • Mike J. Walker

Episode 40: Gartner Hype Cycles Explained

In this episode, I'm providing a 10 minute primer on the Gartner Hype Cycle Methodology. For those organizations that are starting to go through their "season of strategy" Gartner Hype Cycles are useful tools that help leaders better understand the technologies and trends in the marketplace along with what to expect from them.

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Inside the Episode

00:00 - Intro

00:48 - What are Hype Cycles

02:01 - Technology profiles

03:54 - Stages of the Hype Cycle

09:20 - Questions that the Hype Cycle surfaces

About Mike J. Walker

Mike J. Walker is a renowned entrepreneur and global strategic advisor who brings 25-years of paradigm-shifting digital transformation experience to aid his clients on their digital journey. Across a diverse set of industries Mike has provided high-impact and pragmatic advice to hundreds of Fortune 500 CEOs, CIOs, and CTOs around the globe.

At Microsoft, Mike partners with business and technology executives to advise them on how to maximize their current business while also aiding in the identification of new business models that leverage emerging technologies. He is also responsible for aiding product teams in building the strategy for Microsoft products.

Previously, Mike worked at Gartner, as a Vice President of Technology Innovation research where his thought leadership is reflected in over 150 published research notes and over 4,000 client engagements. Mike Walker has been covered by several news outlets including: The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN, Wired, and Gartner.

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