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Episode 37: Innovation in Higher Education

In this episode, I'm speaking with Scott J. Allen a professor at John Carroll University. Listen into this wildly entertaining episode where we share personal stories, a billion dollar idea, the promise of innovation in higher education, along with what is also holding it back.

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In this Episode 00:00 - Intro

02:43 - About Scott Allen

08:57 - How has your professional life changed during the pandemic

14:53 - Thoughts on innovation in higher education

18:54 - Who are the higher education leaders?

32:30 - How can higher education be more innovative?

39:05 - Balancing the practical with the promise of innovation

41:34 - How digital will the higher education experience be in the future?

43:36 - Virtual professors

44:52 - Mike’s take on balancing the digital with the analog

51:25 - The billion dollar idea that might break humanity

57:50 - Over the course of three horizons what do you feel are some ways to improve the innovation levels within higher education?

1:06:18 - The one key takeaway

1:09:50 - If listeners have questions how do they get ahold of you?

About Scott J. Allen

Dr. Scott J. Allen is a speaker, professor, author, and entrepreneur who empowers people and organizations to build stellar leaders.

Scott is the Reid Chair in Management at John Carroll University, where he is an Associate Professor. He teaches courses in leadership, management, executive communication, and the future of work. His creative teaching style has earned him recognition on campus, including the Wasmer Outstanding Teaching Award. Scott is as likely to design a learning activity around a Guinness World Record attempt as he is to take students to Fortune 500 company headquarters for one-on-ones with CEOs. He believes students learn best by practicing leadership - not just talking about it.

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