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Episode 35: Blockchain Foundations - For The Internet of Value

In this episode, I'm speaking with Dr. Mary Lacity professor at University of Arkansas, the Director of the Blockchain Center of Excellence, and accomplished author of over 30 books! We explore Mary’s vast blockchain experience in advanced concepts like the “Internet of Value”, how to innovate with blockchain, and her insights from her interviews with blockchain professions around the globe.

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In this Episode 1:28 About Mary

3:30 Mary’s journey

3:57 The Blockchain Center of Excellence (BCoE)

8:32 Tell us something interesting about you either professionally or personally that people may not know about you.

10:50 About Your “Blockchain Foundations” Book ( )

13:55 Mary’s view on Bitcoin

19:35 What does the “Internet of Value” mean to you? (Don Tapscott: Blockchain as the ‘Internet of value’ [1 of 3])

23:55 What did you learn in the process of writing it?

30:50 Were there any surprises during your interviews for the book?

33:00 Majority of blockchain decisions are business decisions NOT technical

41:10 How do you educate public sector without selling just hype

45:27 The value of blockchain can also be limited by parties that don’t want transparency

49:57 Wyoming’s differentiation

50:50 What is Mary’s writing “Kryptonite”?

54:33 Why Mike leverages publishing and podcasts for his framework for continuously learning?

57:50 Why your time in university is one of the most comprehensive learning experiences in your life

1:01:44 What are the top three lessons you’ve learned through writing your book?

1:03:22 Blockchain is BORING, but exciting to the bottom line

1:06:00 Digital transformation with data is a prerequisite to blockchain to get business value

1:06:54 If folks want to get involved with the Blockchain COE or just reach out, how can people get ahold of you?

1:07:47 The Blockchain for Business Conference 2020 - The Internet of Value

About "Blockchain Foundations - For The Internet of Value"

While there are many books on blockchains, this guide focuses on blockchain applications for business. The target audience is business students, professionals, and managers who want to learn about the overall blockchain landscape — the investments, the size of markets, major players and the global reach — as well as the potential business value of blockchain applications and the challenges that must be overcome to achieve that value. We present use cases and derive action principles for building enterprise blockchain capabilities. Readers will learn enough about the underlying technologies to speak intelligently to technology experts in the space, as the guide also covers the blockchain protocols, code bases and provides a glossary of terms. We use this guide as the textbook for our undergraduate and graduate Blockchain Fundamentals course at the University of Arkansas. Other professors interested in adopting this guide for instructional purposes are welcome to contact the author for supporting instructional materials.

I've read a good portion of the book and it's great for not only novices but also for those that want to gain insights into real-world challenges across many different industries. This is an excellent resource for those looking to debunk the blockchain hype and get straight to value creation.

The book also garners amazing reviews from industry thought leaders:

“The University of Arkansas is a member of the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI), and this book is a welcome contribution to BRI’s mission to herald a new paradigm for the Internet of Value. Lacity’s book highlights the first generation blockchain-based solutions for enterprises and the pioneers leading the way. ”

—Don Tapscott, co-founder, with Alex Tapscott of the Blockchain Research Institute and authors of Blockchain Revolution

“It takes on average 17 Years to progress from research, and its translation, into policies and practices. It is, therefore, crucial for blockchain professionals to short-circuit this lag by keeping up-to-date with emergent consensus, in sync with quality literature – like the one compiled here by Mary Lacity.”

—Dr Naseem Naqvi, Chair, Centre for Evidence Based Blockchain; Editor in Chief,The Journal of the British Blockchain Association

“If blockchain is the 'internet of value,' and with peer-to-peer technology and smart contracts some of its killer apps, one of the key lingering questions is, ‘What value will you provide?’ Mary's book expertly makes the case that, where authenticity matters, the internet of value will be transformative to the world as we know it.”

—Dale Chrystie, Blockchain Strategist at FedEx

About Dr. Mary Lacity

Mary Lacity is a Walton Professor of Information Systems and the Director of the Blockchain Center of Excellence at the University of Arkansas, Sam M. Walton College of Business.

Lacity was previously the Curators’ Distinguished Professor of Information Systems and International Business Fellow at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. She also held the position of Visiting Scholar at the MIT Center for Information Systems Research. Additionally, she has held visiting positions at the London School of Economics, Washington University, and Oxford University. She is best known for her research in automation, outsourcingand blockchain.

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07 oct. 2020

Dr Lacity is just the best, she focuses on the value enabled and not just the technology

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