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Episode 32: "Smart Cities for Dummies"

In this episode, I'm speaking with Jonathan Reichental, Ph.D., CEO for Human Future. In this episode we are talking about his bestselling book, "Smart Cities for Dummies". It was an absolute pleasure talking with Jonathan about his new book, smart city emerging trends, the fourth industrial revolution, urban sustainability, the future of cities, and (of course) blockchain . He is also a fellow podcaster, check out his podcast, Drinking Wine Talking Tech.

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In this Episode 00:02:24 About Jonathan 00:07:33 How fast is smart city tech evolving? 00:12:14 Process of publishing the book 00:17:30 Key themes of the "Smart Cities for Dummies" book 00:23:11 Four Key Smart City Themes 00:32:53 Sustainability in smart cities 00:38:14 PSA announcement for citizens in Texas ;) 00:38:49 Leadership from emerging markets 00:45:05 Non-technical drivers behind smart city strategies 00:52:39 Why should citizens care about smart cities? 00:59:25 If Jonathan was "king for the day". how would he design a smart city? 01:03:44 City of Dublin Ohio UX view ( 01:08:15 Where can you find "Smart Cities for Dummies"? (

About "Smart Cities for Dummies"

Become empowered to build and maintain smarter cities

At its core, a Smart City is a collection of technological responses to the growing demands, challenges, and complexities of improving the quality of life for billions of people now living in urban centers across the world.

The movement to create smarter cities is still in its infancy, but ambitious and creative projects in all types of cities―big and small―around the globe are beginning to make a big difference. New ideas, powered by technology, are positively changing how we move humans and products from one place to another; create and distribute energy; manage waste; combat the climate crisis; build more energy efficient buildings; and improve basic city services through digitalization and the smart use of data. 

Inside this book you’ll find out:

  • What it really means to create smarter cities

  • How our urban environments are being transformed

  • Big ideas for improving the quality of life for communities

  • Guidance on how to create a smart city strategy

  • The essential role of data in building better cities

  • The major new technologies ready to make a difference in every community

Smart Cities will give you the knowledge to understand this important topic in depth and be ready to be an agent of change in your community.

About Jonathan Reichental, Ph.D

A multiple award-winning technology leader whose 30-year career has spanned both the private and public sectors. In 2017, named a top 100 chief information officer (CIO) in the world and in 2016 was named one of the top 20 most influential CIO’s in the United States.

Recognized as a global thought leader on a number of emerging trends including the fourth industrial revolution, urban innovation, the future of cities, and blockchain technology. In 2013 he was recognized as one of the 25 doers, dreamers, and drivers in government in America. His innovative work in government has also been acknowledged by the White House.

Adjunct professor at several universities including University of California, Berkeley, and University of San Francisco. A popular writer and educator producing several highly successful online courses with LinkedIn Learning. Co-authored The Apps Challenge Playbook and a frequent public speaker on a wide range of technology and business-related topics. Co-hosts the popular podcast, Drinking Wine Talking Tech. His new book on Smart Cities can be found here:

Videos and articles can be found at

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