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  • Mike J. Walker

Episode 30: Industry Innovation at Microsoft (Part 1)

In this part 1 of 2 episode, I'm speaking with Rimes Mortimer, General Manager of Industry Innovation for Microsoft. We get to know Rimes and his background in building architecture and how that translates into the technology world. We also dive into how Rimes views innovation with both Microsoft customers and innovating within  the company to help product teams. 

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In this Episode 00:01:35 About Rimes 00:11:16 How has innovation evolved at Microsoft across various CEOs

00:15:52 Brief history of Microsoft Azure 00:23:26 What does innovation mean to Rimes 00:31:46 Importance of relevance in innovation 00:42:16 Innovators must be comfortable being uncomfortable 00:50:31 On the cusp of the next economic long wave? 00:53:47 Autonomous vehicles 00:58:24 Industry innovation initiatives at Microsoft 01:02:56 The drivers behind mass digitization

About Rimes Mortimer

A strong innovator with extensive experience in taking ideas from concept to fully implemented projects. Developed management, marketing and communication skills through professional training and hands on experience. Able to forge strategic relationships that drive transformational innovation and business opportunities. Consistently able to achieve complex projects on time and within budget through effective teamwork. Subject matter expertise in technology innovation and strategy related to cloud computing, mobility, IoT, asset management, building and home automation.

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