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Episode 51: Chris on Enterprise Architecture Innovation

Imagine if your company strategies were clear, innovation permeated all corners of your business, no technology debt, and people were not a problem to moving things forward. Well, that’s likely not the case but I’ve got some good news for you… Mike J. Walker has a chance to sit down with Chris Lockhart, an expert enterprise architect, strategist, author, and a “consultant that likes to say things”. We will discuss how he has seen the evolution of enterprise architecture and innovation over the years, trends he observes in the market, and his practical advise for those in the trenches.

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About Chris Lockhart

Chris is an enterprise architect and strategy consultant with extensive experience in the definition and delivery of C-level advisory services for Fortune 500 companies. His often contrarian views on people, process and technology are born of a professional background that includes service in the US Army, multiple technology startups, cubicle dwelling in Fortune 25 companies, and work in several technical consulting and strategy consulting firms.

Whether speaking at conferences, blogging at, tweeting via @chrisonea or preaching EA on the LinkedIn corner soapbox, he brings 20+ years of experience and his unique perspective to the discussion of architecting the enterprise.

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