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  • Mike J. Walker

Episode 27: The Convergence of Emerging Tech Enabling Digital Ecosystems - Part 2

In this episode I'm continuing the conversation with Ryan Rugg from R3. If you haven't listened to episode 26, “The Convergence of Emerging Tech  Enabling Digital Ecosystems - Part 1” you will want to take a listen before diving into this episode. We continue the conversation about the shift to digital ecosystems, what they are, why they are different now, and the business models and technologies that are shaping them.

In this Episode 00:03:43 Build or Join? 00:06:20 Understand the market around you 00:08:17 Challenge your strategy! 00:09:57 "Franken-Industries" the blurring of industry lines. 00:10:55 Digital ecosystems offer capabilities that span industries 00:12:13 Ryan's lessons learned 00:14:54 You will need more than just technical skills to design a digital ecosystem 00:18:53 Things that Ryan may do differently.

00:22:36 The convergence of technologies 00:24:30 "Big data without big insights are a BIG problem"

00:30:18 Nodes on mobile 00:40:53 Validity of future predictions 00:42:29 Ryan's new "Convergence" whitepaper 00:49:21 Key takeaways

About Ryan Rugg

Ryan is the Global Head of the Industry business unit at the enterprise software firm, R3, she sits at the forefront of blockchain innovation across multiple industries. She is responsible for the strategic direction of R3’s key verticals, Ryan is helping industry leaders capture the full benefits of blockchain for their businesses. Testament to her efforts, R3’s blockchain platform Corda has fast become one of the most dominant blockchain platforms with many of the largest and most prominent global businesses building their applications on Corda.

Ryan launched the Centre of Excellence for distributed ledger technology (DLT) in cooperation with ACORD (Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development). The Centre of Excellence provides a dedicated environment for R3’s and ACORD’s members to research, design and deploy DLT applications that improve the efficiency of many insurance business segments – commercial and specialty insurance, life insurance, personal lines and health insurance, along with niche areas like marine and trade credit.

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